The present rental is subjected in the conditions of use and more particularly to the following ones, whom the parts have to execute faithfully:


-For the lessor, to deliver an accommodation in compliance with the standards of habitability and with the attached description, without any defect which could forbid the normal use. This accommodation is only intended for a temporary use for holidays. This contract doesn't concerns a rental for permanent rent or for rent office, or for any professional activity. If there is presence of a private or community swimming pool, the lessor or his representative declines any responsibility in the event of an accident, we draw specially the attention of the parents who have to watch their children.


-For the tenant, to live in the rental peacefully, to respect the co-ownership rules, to maintain and take care of the rental place and return them in good condition of cleanliness and renting repairs, without modifying the agreement. To live in the rental personally and not sublet it, even free of charge, or give up the rights for the present rent, except with lessor's express written authorization.


The tenant can't introduce animals (dogs, cats, etc.) into the rental without special authorization of the lessor.

To respect the maximum capacity of occupants, which is written on the rental description. This mean the totality of the occupants (including children and adults). At the end of the stay the tenant is obliged to give back the property in the same state of cleaning that when he arrives.

All the installations are in working order and any complaint concerning them, more than 48 hours after the beginning of the stay, can't be admitted. Any complaint not justified , and travelling expenses will be computed to the tenant.   The eventual claims concerning the cleaning of the accommodation , have to be reported the day of the arrival , adding some photos justifying the complaints. The cleaning company will be mandated so as to resolve the problem. Part or total refund requests will not be accepted. The consomation of electricity, water and gas are included in the amount of the renting , without in cold season that the lesser has to pay for heating, an extra amount.

In the case of the lesser can occupied the accommodation booked for any reason not imputable at ower society , Attitude Services would be able to propose an other accommodation equal or better . In the case of the lesser would 'nt accept the new accommodation, Attitude Services would give back the amount payed.

The arrivals are since 15 h till 19h30 , and the lesser can't   blaim   the lessor or the representant for the waiting time. The checks on between 19h30 and 23h or during Sunday will be compensated with a payment of 50 €. 

Surfaces and outstripped : The surfaces and the outstripped indicated in our descriptions are given for informations. They cannot give rise to a dispute except hight difference.


CAUTION: If any damage is seen in the accommodation , the caution wi'll be annulled in the 72 hours, if this one was paid by credit card o ank borrow, one certificate of destruction o cancellation will be send by email. If this one was paid cash, the mount will be put on the account number of the lesser. If there is any broken act in the accommodation, or the cleaning is'nt made correctly the caution will be give back , after deduction of the payment of that or the restitute. If the damages are more than the caution deposited , the lesser has to pay the difference. If the lesser get any animal he shall paid an amount of 50 €, and has to be responsible of this animal and of the possible damages incurred, even if these are higher than the amount of the caution.



The present contract can be cancelled only in the following cases:

Death, accident or disease requiring the hospitalization of the tenant, his/her husband or wife, his parents or childrens. However the paid sums will be paid ( without 50€ of administrative taxes)off only if the tenant show the documentary evidences and if the lessor is informed at least 60 days before the date of beginning of the rent. If the tenant doesn´t cancel during the above-mentioned period, the lessor will keep the sums paid for the rent. In case of interruption of stay, the tenant can't expect to be paid off. However the present contract can be cancelled in the disadvantages of the lessor, if it's duly justified by the tenant that the contract wouldn't be respected because of the no compliance with a substantial obligation or because of a discovery of latent defects. The tenant makes then a commitment to make establish a statement of bailiff's report of justice or testimonies written. These documents must be notified to the lessor at the latest 3 days after the emergence of the litigious event.



In deal with the Spanish organic Law 15/1999 in reference at the protect of personal informations, we inform you that during the process of booking your personal informations are included in our files , so as to offer our services.

You can anyway ask to rectifcate or cancel this information directly with Attitude Services S.L at Paseo Marítimo 6, Gran reserve area- 17487 Empuriabrava (Spain).